Add to wishlist 2020  
False eyelash + printed fabric + manicure practice hand     Dimensions variable
Tax Free 2020  
Acrylic on canvas     91x146 cm.
Ex-painting 2020   
Acrylic + blopens on canvas    81x116 cm.
We can fix u 2019    
Acrylic on canvas    130x97 cm.
Please me 2019   
Acrylic on canvas   50x50 cm.
Psychological baggage 2019  
Acrylic on canvas   116x89 cm.
Admin reveal 2019   
Acrylic on canvas    130x97 cm.
Which came first? 2019    
Oil on paper    85x110 cm.
Fast&Happy 2019   
Oil on paper   80x73 cm.
The Hanged Man 2019   
Oil on paper   87x153 cm.
Humans have religion, I just have silicon 2018  
Oil on paper   106x145 cm.
Washout Protocolo 2018   
Oil on paper   110x92 cm.
The Milky Way 2019   
Oil on paper   95x98 cm.
Vôce merece um alívio2018   
Oil on paper   115x79 cm.
Not sorry 2018   
Oil on paper   72x72 cm.
emoh emocleW 2018   
Oil on paper   91x58 cm.